Piantavigna in Verona (Italy): painted glass art
Art & Craft Workshop Amedeo Piantavigna
via Marconi, 5 | 37122 Verona (ITALY) | Tel/fax +39 045 59.52.52 | info@piantavigna.com
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How to reach the laboratory

We are in Verona, Via Marconi No.5

Our laboratory is located in a very central position and it's easily accessible by car, with easy parking nearby.

from Milan to Verona
map from Milan to Verona
from Venice to Verona
map from Venice to Verona
from Verona Sud (zona fiera)
map from Verona Sud to town centre
from Verona Porta Nuova
(FS railway station)
map from Porta Nuova to via Marconi
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