Piantavigna in Verona (Italy): painted glass art
Art & Craft Workshop Amedeo Piantavigna
via Marconi, 5 | 37122 Verona (ITALY) | Tel/fax +39 045 59.52.52 | info@piantavigna.com
Opere artistiche su vetro, pagine in italiano   Artistic glass and works, english pages  

The workshop "Piantavigna of Verona" realizes, with art and experience, stained glass doors, decorative panels, painted furniture, glassware, made on site decorations, gifts and decorated mirrors.

Artistic workshop Piantavigna, Verona

Unique artistic creations in unique and innovative pieces of furniture, glass doors, partitions, mirrors, lamps, glassware, giftware, decorative panels, painted furniture, stage sets and prestigious decorations made on the place.

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