Piantavigna in Verona (Italy): painted glass art
Art & Craft Workshop Amedeo Piantavigna
via Marconi, 5 | 37122 Verona (ITALY) | Tel/fax +39 045 59.52.52 | info@piantavigna.com
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Artistic workshop Piantavigna, Verona

Amedeo Piantavigna

the glass artist

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Amedeo Piantavigna finishes art college in Verona in 1967 with teachers like Trentini, Tessari, Fontana, Finotti, Marinelli and Trivella, obtained the teaching certificate and specializes in the design school in Novara (Italy).

These experiences led him to work as a designer in the lighting field in the two leading companies Poliate of Albano Poli and Biancardi and Jordan in Milan.

In 1973, he gives life to his lab that grows with the inclusion of young children Valentino and Roberto.

So unique and innovative furniture take shape, glass doors, partitions, mirrors, lamps, glassware, giftware, decorative panels, painted furniture, stage sets and decorations made on the fly in the place.

The laboratory Piantavigna is one of the “club Villa Gritti” founders, from an idea of engineer Franco Conforti: www.clubvillagritti.com.

With the other club members we promote events that highlight the artistic creativity of Verona.

Amedeo participated in the development of the manual “Pittura su vetro” (Stained Glass) for Antares editions.

Amedeo Piantavigna, Verona Amedeo Piantavigna, Verona Amedeo Piantavigna, Verona

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